[TMI Tuesday] Doing Business

Doing Business

doing business tmi

For the categories listed below, imagine that a new business or event of that type opened in your area. Tell us whether you would check it out or attend; and, whether you would go alone, with friends of your gender, or with a significant other/lover. Expound on your answer as much as you’d like.

1. Sports Bar: I only really like hockey and enjoy to go to the games or watch it from the comfort of my home. Sports bars tend to bring out the ugly side of some sports fans.

2. Brew pub or beer hall: Ew, beer.

3. Wine Festival: Ew, wine.

4. Tanning Salon: If I want skin cancer, I’ll just go outside.

5. Sex/kink event (e.g. Dark Odyssey, Sexapalooza, Leather conferences, fetish ball, kinky salon): Either the girlfriend and I or us and fellow kink-minded friends.

6. Strip club: Friends and GF, or just the GF and I. For the hahas of yeah, I went to a strip joint. Yay me!

7. Sex toy store: With the GF, or friends.

8. Upscale Spa: Granted I had the money for that kind of thing and that I didn’t have a crippling fear of strangers touching me? Me and the GF. But I can get a full body massage free if I ask for it.

9. Adult Sex education conference (e.g. Eroticon, CatalystCon): GF or GF and like-minded friends.

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  1. I enjoyed your TMI Tuesday. Thanks for playing along.

    Wish I could get GOOD free massage for the asking 🙂



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