I’m a big fat liar. [Supposedly.]

So apparently, for the past 12 years of my blogging stint, I’ve been lying to myself.

I was reading a post on Tuesday about lies that bloggers tell themselves and one of the “lies” were writing for oneself. I hate to break it to you, but I HAVE been for this entire time doing just that.  Also, I should be sticking to a paper journal if I’m only writing for myself and that I wouldn’t put my blog on the internet if I didn’t want anyone to read it.

You see, when I started blogging, my mother was in that stage of going through your teenage daughter’s room regularly looking for illegal contraband or anything questionable because hey, she’s in middle school now. As such, I really didn’t want to explain anything found in that diary so I took my “paper diary” to a friends-locked LiveJournal because my mother was at the time [and still is.] technologically illiterate and she was also in the mindset that depression was all made up and “you just needed to get outside more!” Of course now she is more aware of mental illness being someone diagnosed with PTSD. Computers and the internet is something she’s [and many of my other family members are] still working on.

So no, I’m not here writing for other people to read it. If you read it though, I think that’s great and if you don’t, that’s fine and dandy to.

I’m here writing for me to go, “Oh hey, remember when I did this thing or that thing?” and then I can do a quick search for it and BOOM! there’s all the words and pictures of that particular moment in my life.

Interacting with the blogging community is something I’m working on. I enjoy partaking in the Lifestyle Bloggers Twitter chats because there are people out there that have had similar blogging beginnings [Needing a place to get negative thoughts out.] as I did. I’ll throw out my blog link but I don’t get upset if no one visits or follows or unfollows.

I’m totally okay with yelling into the vast void that is the Interbutt and no one to listen.

Nothing chokes my goat more than generalization and it irritates the absolute fuck out of me sometimes.

I’m here for me only.

End of discussion.

2 Replies to “I’m a big fat liar. [Supposedly.]”

  1. I feel this exact same way. I do share on Twitter, yes, and I do blog “publicly,” but I don’t blog “for the crowds.” What I mean is, I blog what I wanna blog. I blog the things that Master wants me to blog, and I blog things that are boring as well as fun. I don’t blog with the question “Will people want to read this?” I honestly don’t care. It IS nice when people do read and comment, but I have gone plenty of time with no one reading or commenting and I’m cool either way. It’s nice to meet people through my blog, but that’s not why I do it. I do it to keep track of things, both good and bad. I do it because I like reading it, and I like blogging it. I know a lot of bloggers who tell me they won’t blog certain things because “No one wants to read about that.” I don’t care what people wanna read about. It’s my blog, not theirs.

    ::AHEM:: 😉 Sorry to hijack. Rock on with your bloggy blog. 🙂

    1. Hijack away, my dear friend!! xo We have the same mindset. <3

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