[Review] LELO Soraya


I’ve actually had this toy in my possession for some time but up until now did not do a review on it. [Woops. My bad.]

Anyhow! The LELO Soraya is a dual-stimulation [or rabbit] luxury vibrator. It is about 8.5 inches long with 4.5 of that being insertable. The flexible[!!!] clitoral stimulator is about two inches long. The toy is made from FDA-approved super smooth silicone and comes in your choice of Black, Deep Rose [purple] or Cerise [pink]. It is completely waterproof and rechargeable. The metallic “handle” is easy to grip but does become quite slippery when lube or bodily fluids get involved.  It is a toy made for people with vaginas and has no safe base for anal play, unless of course you use the clitoral stimulator as your anchor of sorts.

The Soraya has 8 vibration settings and is the quietest toy to date that I own. [So quiet that my girlfriend was sitting next to me and had no idea that I was masturbating.] The controls are pretty straight forward, press the + button to turn on the toy and to increase the intensity. The middle rotate-y looking button cycles through the different functions and finally, the – button decreases the intensity as well as turns off the toy when you hold it down for a few seconds. It also has a locking feature [hold down the + and – buttons simultaneously until the LED goes out. To unlock, repeat the process until the LED comes back on.] to keep the toy from powering on while in storage or travel.

When you first receive the toy, you’re going to want to charge it up completely. To do so, just plug the charger into the bottom of the toy and then the other end into your wall socket. The LED will pulse as it’s charging and go out when it is complete. According to LELO, on a full charge, you get about 4 hours of play. I haven’t really gotten a correct reading between charges as I’ve only charged it once since I had it and have passed it back and forth a few times between myself and my girlfriend on high speeds and it is still puttering along without any weakening of power. I also have used my Hitachi over the Soraya because I have to be in a certain mood for penetrative toys.

There are two motors in the Soraya, one in the clit stim and the other in the shaft.

The 8 settings on Soraya can be described as:

  • Both motors on, constant vibration
  • Shaft motor only, constant vibration
  • Clit stim motor only, constant vibration
  • Pulsating vibration in each motor, alternating between the two
  • Pulsating vibration in each motor, in sync with each other
  • Ascending vibration, starting in the clit stim ending in the shaft
  • Oscillating in both motors, starting in one ending in the other
  • Varying vibe pattern in both motors


In addition to the LELO Soraya itself, you get a storage pouch [to save space if you don’t want to keep the box that is recyclable, by the way.] the LELO Insignia as a pin [which for some reason, wasn’t included in my box.], a sample pack of LELO personal lubricant [water-based!], the charger and an instruction booklet along with the authenticity card.


I ended up with the EU charger, but was able to quickly remedy that by purchasing the US charger from SheVibe.



Because the Soraya is silicone, you should only use water-based lubricant with it. Silicone-based lubricants will breakdown the toy and oil-based lubricants aren’t really made to be used with sex toys. To clean the toy, a antibacterial soap and warm water will do the trick as well as a good spritz down with toy cleaner [which is what I do.] Because the Soraya has dual motors, I do not recommend dishwashers or boiling of this toy. [I know you probably won’t but you never know, someone might.]

Overall, my Soraya is amazing. My absolute favorite part of this toy is the flexible clitoral stimulator. Most clit stim arms are frozen in one place and often very much miss where they need to go, which can be totally frustrating to the point where you just want to throw the toy straight into the trash because you’re not getting anywhere. The Soraya’s stimulator is very easily manipulated for your unique anatomy and I was totally pleased as punch with that.

OVERALL VERDICT: A very enthusiastic 5 out of 5 paws up  from Kitty AND a thumbs up from Rin.

I was not monetarily compensated by LELO to write this review. I did not receive the LELO Soraya in exchange for this review it was from my own personal collection. All thoughts and views expressed in this review are my own.

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