[Sailor Moon Crystal] Episode 5

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I’m actually 3 episodes late on blogging about Sailor Moon Crystal but that’s because I was a) lazy and b) everybody else is doing it for me while I’m being a complete lazy ass.

Friday night, Viz Media debuted the new dub of the original series and I am TOTALLY EXCITED to watch it, even if I hate Hulu with the passion of a thousand suns. [Mostly because it is immune to my adblock…] I wanted to stay up for the Moonlight Party, but as it neared 11pm, I was crashing and I wasn’t about to fire up the Keurig and wake up the house. Such is life when you live on the opposite coast.

But anyway, on with Makoto’s episode!

This was a romance / wedding-themed episode and I just  feels-exploded everywhere. I am a HUGE sap deep down and really like all that romantic cheesy garbage. The cheesier, the better.

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Can I ship it? CAN I? I don’t even know what Usagi’s classmate’s name is… Perhaps they’ve mentioned it and I was off derping somewhere.

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Usagi and food, needs no further explanation.

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Usagi creeping, which I found absolutely hilarious. Mako, how could you NOT NOTICE???

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She also begs like my dog does, like neither of them have ever ate in their lives before…

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Everybody in the #SailorMoonCrystal twitter tag all had one mutual agreement during this scene…SENPAI NOTICED ME.

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Neither do I, Rei, neither do I.

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Mako’s transformation and attacks are so bad ass, that Luna didn’t even have to coach Mako into her role. Luna just flung Mako her henshin pen and Mako was like AW YEAH BITCHES, JUPITER POWER, MAKE UP! That my friends, is true badassery.

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I found this scene hilarious, maybe it was the way he said it? But I found it funny as hell.

Luna asked Tuxedo Mask if he’d brought Sailor Moon to the site and he just kinda floated away while looking derpy.
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Until Next Time….

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  1. Jupiter. ♥.♥ I wrote my review yesterday. IT WAS SO GOOD. SHE WAS SO GORGEOUS. USAGI WAS… WELL, LIKE ME and ALL IDOL-Y! MAMORU WAS HOTT! REI WAS HOTT BUT I didn’t understand the trust men part?! Everyone was hott!

    1. Rei’s comment makes a lot more sense in the manga once Minako is around. ;)) Everyone was totally hot hot tater tots though. <3 <3

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