Hello, October!



I cannot believe that September up and left us so quickly. I suppose time flies when you’re having fun doing the 30 Days of Lists challenge, I suppose! 😀 You may have noticed I changed my social media buttons. Hopefully it makes it a bit easier to figure what button goes to what profile. Feel free to follow me on any platform you wish. :3 I purchased them from IntricateElephant on Etsy if one was curious.

I have a few exciting things happening in October:

  • Love With Food October Box – I got a chance to do a trial run of the Love With Food snack subscription box thanks to Arielle [Watch her YT Channel dudes, she’s amazing.] and my first box arrives some time in the next two weeks. I am excited! Love With Food sends you 8-10 organic snacks and in turn donates a meal to a needy child. I’ll be talking about that more once the box comes in [and might do my first-ever UNBOXING VIDEO.] I’ve set up a badge on my sidebar if you want to try it out and get your first box free! 😀
  • ThinkGeek Giveaway Win! – Yesterday I won a ThinkGeek GC from Mama Needs Mana, so naturally I went shopping. Stay tuned for the haul. ;33
  • New Jersey Devils Hockey Regular Season – October 9th starts the regular season of my favorite sport EVER. I also have tickets for the October 24th game, so expect a blog post like March’s game.
  • Final Fantasy XIII’s PC Release – I pre-ordered this as soon as Steam allowed. I am fully ready to have my feelings destroyed once again and take a shitload of screenshots of Fang because I have zero shame. It also releases on the 9th.
  • Halloween! – The one day a year being a cosplayer isn’t half bad because being in costume isn’t weird this day. I’m not sure if I have Trick or Treat duty with my niece and nephew again this year, but if I do I will probably cosplay Nepeta without the paint.

I think that’s all the fun stuff going on, but if I think of anything else I’ll add it later. The not-so fun stuff going on this month is lab work, but hey, it’s a step towards getting myself on anti-anxiety meds so I’ll suck up getting stabbed in the arm.

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  1. Happy October! ThinkGeek gift card? Want!

    1. Happy October! -^^- Omg I never expect to win these contests and when I do I get so friggin’ excited. @_@

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