[Sailor Moon Crystal] Episode 7

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So here we are with Part 2 of last week‘s episode. A lot of people were expecting this to be Minako’s episode BUT Mr. Who Has Legs For Days is special and gets two episodes for his identity [because you know, Usagi has the entire series..]

While this episode was a little better than last week’s, it didn’t get exciting until the end. There were some pretty funny parts though. I’ll get into those in a bit.

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Usagi wakes up and starts doing the math to figure out Tuxedo Mask’s citizen identity and when she does she’s like OMG. WHY?!?

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Some people don’t remember passing out, genius.

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The episode goes on with Mamoru explaining that his parents died when they got into a car accident and he was the sole survivor of a car careening off a cliff. Because of the injuries he sustained during the accident, it caused him to lose all his memory and he’s not even sure if he’s Chiba Mamoru.

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Mr. Legs Who Go On For Days. I found this amusing as hell.

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CREEPER ANIME DUDE. Everybody knows when a dude is drawn in this way he’s being creepy as hell….

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…or not.

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I just….. I…..can’t even… I was laughing so fucking hard at this whole scene.

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And it just gets funnier as it goes on. Oh, Usagi…

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The only one tipped off by the shady DVD store was Rei, it went completely over everyone’s heads. I’m surprised that they didn’t include something with Rei telling them about it but instead had Sailor V doing it….huh.

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The last inner senshi gets a bit of screen time by kicking ass and taking names as she should. Next week is her full episode and I’m excited! These past two episodes have been “MEH!” and I’m hoping with Minako’s episode it starts getting interesting again.

Until next time!

4 Replies to “[Sailor Moon Crystal] Episode 7”

  1. I definitely thought this week’s episode was better than the last one, though still kind of “meh”. I do think that this series has done a much better job of making me care about Mamoru and his relationship with Usagi.

    Haha, loved that Umino moment!

    1. I did too! Nearly spit my damn coffee at the screen during it. xD

  2. See, I don’t think he was being a creeper there, but that’s because a. I’m a massive fangirl and b. if that was Jen and I, as in if we met in person and not real life, I would have probably been way past the cute smelling hair / being close phase. >.> I move fast when I know I’m in love, heh.

    I loved all of the Mamo and Usagi scenes, especially his nickname for her and when they both kissed the other persons items and oh, the punch. Ffff. So perfect.

    I loved Mina’s entrance and ARTEMIS!!!

    I also freaked out over Umino. What the absolute fuck.

    1. HE WAS SO CREEPY. [Umino, that is.] I actually don’t remember him being so ridiculous in the manga. xD

      I’m really looking forward to Minako’s episode! :DD

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