[Sailor Moon Crystal] Episode 8

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After two snorefest episodes, Sailor Moon Crystal comes back to smack you in the face with the awesomeness that was present in other ones. As a fan, I am allowed to dislike episodes. I am allowed to voice my displeasure. If I say I dislike something, I’m not getting swayed. Unless if it’s in the case of Homestuck where I based my opinion of it off the rotten apples of the fandom. [EVERY FANDOM HAS THEM, DON’T EVEN FUCKING GO THERE. DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT EXCUSING THEIR SHITTY BEHAVIOR.] I have since learned that you cannot do that. Experience something for yourself before you form an opinion of it. As such, I now enjoy the damn comic, but we’re not about Homestuck now…

TL;DR: I can hate episodes, do not defend the episode. I’m still going to hate it. Got it? Good.

If this is the first time you’re actually tuning in to Sailor Moon, I’d recommend you to pass this blog post by because I’m about to drop a giant truth bomb that involves some of the characters. Don’t like spoilers? RUN. THE. FUCK. AWAY. NOW. But in the same vein, if you watched the episode, you MAY be able to put two and two together by some of the dialog exchanged.

And just as aside, if you noticed, I don’t screen cap the entire episode. I leave a huge chunk of it out. Because I want people to actually watch the episode rather me doing all the work for you. :PP

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Hate to break it to you QB, but there’s a lot more. Unfortunately, you won’t be around to see those.

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Sassy Artemis is sassy.

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Truth bomb time: No she’s not.

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Cue Usagi’s “OH NO, SHE’S HOT.” moment. If you don’t support Bisexual Usagi, please get off my blog. Kidding, really. Everybody’s allowed to have their own opinions of a character. [SO MUCH ABOUT OPINIONS TODAY, KITTY!]

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Screenshot 2014-10-18 08.54.55

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That somebody blows FOR TAKING AWAY HAPPINESS, HOW DARE THEY. Somebody done fucked up on security.

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Wonky animation alert.

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Mr. Who Has Legs For Days, you stop that. You stop looking hot in your glasses. STOP IT. UGH. /glassesfetish

Screenshot 2014-10-18 09.00.08

Luna, you failed as a mom. Usagi’s talking to boys already.

Screenshot 2014-10-18 09.00.20

But Artie saves the day and says that you in fact, did not fail. Now let’s frick and create Diana.

Too much of a spoiler? Oh well.

Until next time!!