[Sailor Moon Crystal] Episode 10

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This is a short one this week. Mostly because it was a pretty spoiler-heavy episode and I try hard to avoid that. I’m also re-reading the manga act by act thanks to Miss Dream scanalating the entire thing. I haven’t read the manga since High School and it’s amazing how much content of the storyline either got mixed up or completely fell out of my brain. [Ex: I was expecting the scene of Selenity killing herself to be in Episode 9.]

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I thought this was rather pretty.

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So going through the episode, we’re basically gunna get our learn on about the moon and the meaning of some of the phases. [Fun fact: A version of my roleplay character would shape shift according to the phases of the moon, it was pretty rad.]

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Thanks Ami for the science lesson. 😀

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I am pleased though, that the characters mentioned last episode are getting their shit together now, but then it all gets fucked up all over again.

And QB is sporting a raging ladyboner for Mamoru. Beautiful.

[Sailor Moon Crystal] Episode 9

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HOLY FEELS, BATMAN! Yesterday was also massive amounts of rain so I was already bummed out and so along comes Sailor Moon Crystal to punch me in the face with feelings. It was another amazing episodes and there were many nods to manga pages in this one. There was a lot of true identity reveals in this one but was kinda disappointed that the last identity reveals were just a slight inkling on one character’s part and then they were like….NAHHHH! THAT’S NOT ME. Hopefully the next episode they get their shit together though.

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I thought this scene was pretty awesome and kinda eerie.

Screenshot 2014-11-01 10.21.54

Sorry, but the animation of this made me crack up…

Screenshot 2014-11-01 10.24.14

Screenshot 2014-11-01 10.24.17

Screenshot 2014-11-01 10.26.31

I liked the colors in this scene. Also, remember the last episode? Told you it wasn’t her.

Screenshot 2014-11-01 10.31.01

Manga nod. But the following scene was different.

Screenshot 2014-11-01 10.37.07

Screenshot 2014-11-01 10.37.32

Luna was really cute here, even if she was sad.

Screenshot 2014-11-01 10.38.45

Another manga nod.

Screenshot 2014-11-01 10.41.49

Manga nod, again. This was also in the original anime as well.

Screenshot 2014-11-01 10.42.23

And there’s the strong, ass-kicking Usagi we all know & love. 😀

Hello, November!



Thanksgiving is going to suck, as usual. Spending it with shitty people. Enough said.

My second anniversary of this blog is coming up, which is exciting! It’s the longest running project outside of my LiveJournal that hung around for a billion years. I started this blog a few days after power was restored from Hurricane Sandy.

Short post is short.

Don’t have anything exciting planned, sadly.