[Sailor Moon Crystal] Episode 10

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This is a short one this week. Mostly because it was a pretty spoiler-heavy episode and I try hard to avoid that. I’m also re-reading the manga act by act thanks to Miss Dream scanalating the entire thing. I haven’t read the manga since High School and it’s amazing how much content of the storyline either got mixed up or completely fell out of my brain. [Ex: I was expecting the scene of Selenity killing herself to be in Episode 9.]

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I thought this was rather pretty.

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So going through the episode, we’re basically gunna get our learn on about the moon and the meaning of some of the phases. [Fun fact: A version of my roleplay character would shape shift according to the phases of the moon, it was pretty rad.]

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Thanks Ami for the science lesson. 😀

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I am pleased though, that the characters mentioned last episode are getting their shit together now, but then it all gets fucked up all over again.

And QB is sporting a raging ladyboner for Mamoru. Beautiful.

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  1. I am having so many feels over this show. I have forgotten basically everything since I watched it as a kid, so I’m basically getting to re-experience it all over again. And I just love is so freaking much. I really hope they decide to sign it for the full show instead of just the 20 something episodes they’ve announced so far.

    Always excited to find another geeky blogger!

    –Katie @ paperbackplanes.blogspot.com

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