[Photo Blog] #005

You call this a blizzard? I call this a failure. Travel bans are lifted. #snow


DON’T GO OUT. DON’T GO OUT. DON’T GO OUT. There’s going to be an inch of snow, the WORST inch of snow!

This is what people sound like when a huge winter storm is coming. Being I’ve lived on the east coast all my life, I’m pretty much seasoned for these huge ass storms. Sure, some times the forecast is right and then we’re trapped in the house for two days…but this time, the forecast took a turn and well, where’s that 2+ feet of snow?

Not around here, obviously.

[UNBOXING] #LoveWithFood January 2015

I decided to change things up a bit this time around and fuss around in Movie Maker instead of firing up the webcam and letting you guys listen to me drone on about snacks. I’m not feeling well anyway…there’s some kind of sickness flying around this house and couple that with seasonal allergies….basically a double fuck over.

It was definitely a lot faster and easier for me to do it this way so I may stick with it. Fear not, there will probably be videos in the future with my face plastered all in it so it’s not like I’m eliminating myself completely from vlog land.

I was able to score another Love With Food box because they were running a coupon at the end of December to get a box of your choice $10 off which in turn slashed the Tasting box to $2 for the month of January [!!!!!] S. O. L. D. SOLD! Definitely will be keeping my eyeballs peeled for any kind of awesome coupons like that one in the future.

I am also pretty upset that I cannot eat two of the items in this month’s box [the Luna bar and the velvet truffle] because they contain coconut which I am allergic to. Probably the most strange food allergy out there.

To learn more about what Love With Food is, just click here. To get your first Tasting box free [just pay $2 shipping, new subscribers only!] you can either click here or on the cute little banner in my sidebar.

Currently … — January 2015

Reading: Not sure yet, perhaps there will be a book this month that will strike my fancy. Rin and I have been gabbing about Anne Rice lately, perhaps I’ll reread her stuff. Hello, better vampires contained here-in than that Twilight bullshit!

Watching: Bob’s Burgers and as of today, FRIENDS! It is officially available to stream on Netflix…which means I’m getting zero work done. Fuck.

Writing: This blog.

Listening: Loss of Me – Final Fantasy IX OST

Eating: Just got done eating multigrain tortilla chips

Drinking: Nothing at present, but my source of hydration has been a choice of coffee, water or raspberry iced tea

Wearing: Pajamas. Winning.


Waiting for: The Hobbit DVDs I ordered. I got both for a steal on Amazon, plus something for Rin’s birthday…yes, already. Should be here tomorrow.

Loving: my girlfriend [obviously!] and my new tablet, it is the most amazing thing ever

Needing: To go hog the woodstove, I’m freezing.

Thinking: “…I want ice cream.”

Feeling: Cold but okay, it was a very rough start to the year, but it can only go up from here.

Hoping: That I get a goddamn decision on my disability case sometime soon and that it’s fully favorable, but I highly doubt that second statement.

Dreaming: of a pretty good year, let’s hope.

Being Inspired By: These wonderful people, forever and always.