Currently … — January 2015

Reading: Not sure yet, perhaps there will be a book this month that will strike my fancy. Rin and I have been gabbing about Anne Rice lately, perhaps I’ll reread her stuff. Hello, better vampires contained here-in than that Twilight bullshit!

Watching: Bob’s Burgers and as of today, FRIENDS! It is officially available to stream on Netflix…which means I’m getting zero work done. Fuck.

Writing: This blog.

Listening: Loss of Me – Final Fantasy IX OST

Eating: Just got done eating multigrain tortilla chips

Drinking: Nothing at present, but my source of hydration has been a choice of coffee, water or raspberry iced tea

Wearing: Pajamas. Winning.


Waiting for: The Hobbit DVDs I ordered. I got both for a steal on Amazon, plus something for Rin’s birthday…yes, already. Should be here tomorrow.

Loving: my girlfriend [obviously!] and my new tablet, it is the most amazing thing ever

Needing: To go hog the woodstove, I’m freezing.

Thinking: “…I want ice cream.”

Feeling: Cold but okay, it was a very rough start to the year, but it can only go up from here.

Hoping: That I get a goddamn decision on my disability case sometime soon and that it’s fully favorable, but I highly doubt that second statement.

Dreaming: of a pretty good year, let’s hope.

Being Inspired By: These wonderful people, forever and always.

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  1. Happy [late] new year! I’ve been watching Friends too since they added it to Netflix 🙂 And now you have me craving ice cream!

    1. I’ll eat ice cream year-round. I don’t even give a crap. LOL Happy New Year, Kyla. Enjoy the Friends binge! [PIVOT!!!]

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