Happy Valentine’s Day!



if you’re a long-time reader, you’ll know i don’t really give a flying rat’s behind about Valentine’s Day.

“but Kitty, you’re attached!!”

i am, but we’re of the camp that Valentine’s Day has become this commercialized sack of bullshit.

Rin’s currently away at Katsucon, so my plans for the day after getting some work in is to play dating sims that i picked up in the weekly Humble Bundle and Skyrim. there will be some ridiculous shenanigans so if you’re my friend on Steam, feel free to tune into my broadcast. if not, and you’re feeling sappish, there’s always our story on how we came to be. i’ll be posting on twitter when i’m jumping on Steam so be sure you’re following. 😀

however you choose to celebrate [or not] i still hope you who is reading this has a great day. 🙂