[Kitty Plays] Final Fantasy Record Keeper

2015-03-27 14.50.11

if you’re a Final Fantasy diehard like myself, somebody who has only played a few games in the series, or somebody curious about the series i recommend you get this game on your mobile device right meow.

2015-03-26 18.42.12

i will never apologize for my Dragoon obsession.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper released yesterday, and if you get it before this week is out, you’ll get bonus characters Tidus and Warrior.

it has several times slapped me in the face with nostalgia and has a very addicting quality to it. majority of the graphics are 8-bit 2D for that real old-school look.

the gist of the game is that you’re replaying iconic parts of the games in the series and “restoring” them because some evil is going around being an asshole in the Record Room. you do the typical RPG-esque chores of upgrading /your leveling characters as well.

2015-03-27 14.50.45

there’s daily log-in rewards..

there’s all your favorites of Moogles and Chocobos.

Kain is being a sexy ass kicker in my party. [at least for the time being….hopefully Fang is unlockable later on. i know Lightning is one of the XIII characters available.]

need i say more?!

there’s some complaints of the UI being clunky and complaints of stamina running out too fast and having to sink money into the game to progress further. I’ve yet to run into these issues as by the time my stamina runs out, i’m looking for a break.

*Final Fantasy Record Keeper requires an active mobile data or Wi-Fi connection to function*

disclosure: i was not contacted nor compensated by Square Enix/DeNA to write this post. it was written of my own free will. all thoughts and opinions are strictly my own.