Aidan Turner Nearly Indirectly Murdered Me

on the stairs.

with a parcel.
2015-04-15 11.35.07

okay, in all seriousness he didn’t, but i nearly broke my fucking neck yesterday afternoon because a parcel was left on the stairs. glancing at the offending package i noticed it was addressed to me! now i haven’t ordered anything in a pretty long while so this was strange… very few people have my mailing address and it’s been a long time since i posted about wanting the damn thing.

the only way i figured out what it actually was was the Article Magazine company logo on the opposite side.

then i was clearly going, “now who the fuck ordered this for me?”

2015-04-15 11.40.37

2015-04-15 12.07.33


turns out it was my wonderful girlfriend in the end.

the magazine is fucking gorgeous and i can’t wait to get to reading it! 😀