Fully Favorable

**If you’re new here, I urge you to go through the tag SSDI Application Adventures so you know what the diddly heck I’m trying to form words on your screen for.**

2015-04-22 11.41.16


i was handed mail from SSA today, and as usual, i was apprehensive on opening it. i was fully expecting having to appeal once again and having to wait, wait forever.

i am happy to report that the judge has given me a Fully Favorable decision and i should be receiving payments soon!

it has been a long 3 years but i am very happy that i did not give up and fought the good fight!

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    1. thanks, sweetheart!! will keep updated when i get my first payment / all that retro pay.

  2. I’m really just so happy for you! You deserve this so much, and I’m very glad that you’re going to be much better off now. <3

    1. thanks sweetheart! <3 and thank you so much for being there when the goings got tough. i really enjoy our friendship!

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