i turned 27 yesterday. it was largely uneventful, which is fine with me because i’ve had a fair share of birthdays that sucked balls in the past. i spent it curled up in bed re-watching the first series of Poldark and later had steak for dinner with cake for dessert.

Cake and coffee! 🎂☕ #food #birthday #birthdaykitty


i usually have more of a festive time next month, being it’s AnimeNEXT and it’s just a giant gaggle of nerds! i’m kinda bummed i’m not really cosplaying this year due to timing and financial shit being up in the air for so long. but hey, i’ll make the best of it and oddly enough, even when i’m not in costume people are dragging me into photos with my girlfriend anyway no matter how fast i try to step to the side.

perhaps i’ll bring Nepeta anyway, just for the hell of it. Rinny mentioned bringing Vriska so….PIRATE SHIPS. we’ll see how that plans out, though! \o/

next year should be loads better though, i may even expand my convention agenda for the first time since 2010….SHOCK HORROR. the time i went to NYCC in 2013 doesn’t count because i didn’t actually have a ticket to go inside. 😛

We have a tenant! Black-capped Chickadee. #bird

in other news, bird. [that grey blob on the black metal stick…thing.] we have a Black-capped Chickadee couple taking up residency in the bird house right outside the back porch window. which is exciting because we didn’t think they would come so close to the house.

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  1. Happy Birthday ^^

    1. Thanks sweets! -^^-

    2. Thanks sweets! -^^-

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