[Five Fandom Friday] 5 Nerdiest Things You Ever Done

i’m not sure if i should be embarassed or proud yet, but here’s five [with a bonus!] of the nerdiest things i’ve ever done!

1. i’ve cosplayed, several times in fact

Standin' Pretty

i has a cosplay category, and only 20 days until i do it all over again! 😀

2. I played Vampire: The Masquerade for about five years

i actually miss it from time to time, i stopped playing because i had a falling out with one of our group members [ex-boyfriend] and i just didn’t want to revisit memories of such a shitty person

i DO want to get the Malkavian clan symbol tattooed on me, because reasons. my character was awesome and i loved them very much and i do have some good memories involving them.

3. i mentioned a video game character for a high school assignment

and my teacher talked about it in my ex-boyfriend’s class…TOTALLY EMBARRASSING. [we had the same teacher, but different periods.] i’m not clear what it was relating to, but i talked about Lau Wong.

4. i took apart a computer and put it back together again, just to see the various parts

5. i had a shitload of Pokémon cards but never actually did any of that battling stuff with them 

you bet your ass i traded to get cool cards, though.

BONUS: i participated in a Dance Dance Revolution tournament

fun fact: i remembered this because a DDR song just came up on my music shuffle

i made it all the way to the last round, but forfeited afterwards because the person i was battling against PICKED THE SONG THAT IS MY ARCH-ENEMY. i have no idea how he figured out i hated that song and i never mentioned it. i cannot pass this song even on Beginner that is how ridiculously hard this song is. I HATE IT.

now the Interbutt at Large knows what song i hate and will probably use it against me if we ever cross paths and play DDR. oops. oh well.