it has come to that time…

when I SHED THE GOD AWFUL WORDPRESS.COM URL and move on back to self-hosted pastures.

in other words, you will now find new posts at http://undecidedanswer.com so go there.

you might have some questions, so i’ll answer them:

RSS Reader?

update your subscription URL to http://undecidedanswer.com/feed/


i’ve already emailed support to have you moved over, hang tight. if you see a flood of posts from me in your feed suddenly, success! you are now hooked up to the new URL without interruption.

WordPress.com / Email Follower?

you have been migrated via Jetpack. Email subscribers will continue uninterrupted, but if you are following via WP.com, you will only get posts in your Reader until you subscribe via email on the new site.


idfk if anyone clicks on my links in Twitter, but you’re fine.


i will be setting up URL redirect over here shortly, i just want to get everything in order before i do that.