[Photo Blog] 05.23.15

23. Good times


good times

so i went to The Headliner last night. my Mom had won a “happy hour” off the radio so she asked me if i wanted to be one of her forty people. i figured why not. free food and reduced price on booze? i’m in.

i got to meet one of the radio’s DJs and he actually gave me the shirt he was wearing and signed it. i’d of snapped a picture but as it is signed with my legal name and not to Kitty, it doesn’t end up on the blawwwwwg. i’ll probably edit this post later with some other photos, i’ll just have to get Mom to send them to me.

i think the -only- thing that bummed me out was that my 2nd Cosmopolitan [the one not pictured] tasted HEAVY of alcohol and this is supposed to be a light “girly drink” as people like to call it. DON’T GENDER DRINKS, PEOPLE. SHOVE THAT BULLSHIT UP YOUR ASS.

i drink Cosmos because they’re supposed to go down fairly easily, that one failed. i’m kinda happy i didn’t end up retching from it or waking up with a hangover.

i do know i’m sore as hell from dancing, though.