Returning to the Dentist

i did a brave thing today: i made an appointment to see the Dentist.

i haven’t gone since April of 2010 when I got my wisdom teeth extracted. the recovery from that wasn’t all that bad, and every time TimeHop brings up the tweets from it, i laugh hysterically. there is literally internet evidence of me tweeting while stoned off my face. [no pun intended.]

Exhibit A:

i’ve had troubles with  dentist phobia since I was five years old. the first dentist i saw supposedly thought i had this humungo cavity and that it must be drilled RIGHT MEOW.  so he whips out the drill and keeps shoving it in my face as i’m crying hysterically and trying to shirk away. he was laughing at me the entire time.

we went to two other dentists after that incident, unfortunately one was after milking the insurance and the other was one that i liked because they took the time to make sure that i had no loss of control, but they do not accept my current insurance.

i decided to finally bite the bullet because i have had crunchy sounds when i move my jaw for months now and it’s just getting annoying as hell. i also have a teeeeeny crack in either a filling or tooth on the back top side. [not entire sure what it is…because hey, it’s been years since i’ve had the fillings done.] and then finally i have a front tooth that is crooked, it WAS straight before my wisdom tooth extraction i know that much but i guess due to the extraction my teeth were like NEW CUP NEW CUP MOVE DOWN….or rather, over in this case.

i made the appointment for June 16th. i’m hoping it goes well because this dentist apparently specializes in people with special needs. [people like me! who are phobic or have disabilities…in which i got both!]

i’m nervous but also excited to get back on track with a squeaky clean smile!

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  1. Good luck with your appointment! Your 5-year-old experience sounds like what I had at about that age. I have a lovely dentist now so I’m fine with it.

    1. Thanks Susanne! Hoping that my new dentist will help me ease back into it. 🙂

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