[REVIEW] The Forsaken (Children of Cain #1)

Series: The Children of Cain [#1]
Published by: Transcendent Books; 2nd edition (December 18, 2013)
Genre: Young Adult, Sci-Fi, Fantasy
Pages: 367
Format: Kindle eBook
Source: Author via Tomoson.com
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Her mother is dead, her home is destroyed. Gwenevere flees into the forest in the dead of winter and stumbles into the human world. Unable to speak their language, but capable of reading their thoughts, Gwen acclimates quickly. Meanwhile she discovers that her native tongue is magical, giving her the power to control the world around her. Seeking the answers to her identity and her forgotten past, orphaned Gwen runs off in search of her own kind. Her dark gifts bring to light horrible truths, the discovery of which forces Gwen to make a fatal decision. The only thing that is certain, her life is about to take a drastic turn – there is no going back from murder. — blurb via Amazon.com

About the Author

R. J. CRADDOCK Born Ruth Jerraisetti Harris in Oka Tamuning, Guam, Ruth is the youngest of eight children. As a young child she began telling stories, developing unique characters, and conjuring fantastical worlds in her mind. As she grew older, a thirst for reading overcame her and she devoured all kinds of books, finding kindred spirits in classic novelists such as Dickens, Bronte, and Fitzgerald. She started writing her first novel at age eleven. After high school she attended the Art Institute of Phoenix to pursue her other great passion: Art. Ruth now lives with her husband and three sons in Springville, Utah.

Craddock is very descriptive, however sometimes her descriptive words get repetitive. There’s a spelling mistake on page six, “scare tissue” should be “scar tissue”. I’m also finding this over-description of things to be boring and makes the book pacing quite slow. On page 87, there is sexual assault from a Nun to an underage [nine-year old] boy called Douglas and the following pages up to 93, Douglas is contemplating suicide as a result of his trauma. It’s not super detailed at all, but worth mentioning for anyone who may be sensitive to that kind of material.

I’m not sure if it’s the Atheist in me screaming, but I just did not jive with the whole St. Paul’s Orphanage that Gwen was holed up in. I’m also not sure how old Gwen is in her peoples’ age, but a seven-year old human child reading trashy Harlequin romance novels? REALLY. Seven year old me’s butt would’ve been wooped for that and then I’d probably be banned from wherever I got those books from until I was of age.

There was a couple of people whom I thought were going to be the person whom Gwen murders, one of them I was hoping to be Mother Sullivan because the woman was a right bitch. Unfortunately, she wasn’t the murdered one.

Raven turns out to be a Werewolf and eventually falls in love with Gwen. He struggles with unrequited feelings because Gwen is a lot younger than he is.

Towards the end of the book there is another instance of child molestation, and the victims are videotaped during the act. The molester also physically abuses his wife. Luckily this is a work of fiction because shit like this would not be flying in my world. What’s terrible is the social worker than Gwen gets assigned to doesn’t believe her about the abuse.


While there were some good points, like Gwen handing what abusers deserve: JUSTICE; it just didn’t really make me all that excited. I actually had to force myself to complete this book for the sake of the review. I went into this expecting exciting supernatural plot and in return got plot that fell on its face. Not only that, the plot had a habit of being frustratingly slow and then it would speed up ahead and I’m left wondering if I’ve missed huge chunks of the story.  I would have liked more dialogue between the characters and less summarizing of events.


 2 paws out of 5



Disclosure: i was monetarily compensated by the author in exchange for this review. compensation was given to purchase an eBook copy of this book. all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are strictly my own.

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