[TMI Tues-gay] 05.05.15


1. How long have you been blogging?

blogging in General: September 2002, in a locked LiveJournal
blogging in this space: November 9th, 2012, my first post was about Hurricane Sandy and the freak snowstorm afterwards.

2. Tell us about your pen name. Is it a pen name?

Kitty is in fact a pen name! i kinda bounced around with pen names for a while [and i apologize for any confusion…], but all the previous ones eventually just didn’t stick anymore. this one fits perfectly, and i’m keeping it that way. the only thing that sucks is when people get confused when i give them my legal name for mailing purposes.

3. What is your blog about?

i blog about life. i want to look back on this thing in twenty years when i’m going, “hey, do you remember when we did xyz thing?” people will tell you to put down the camera and just live the moment, but for someone like me, photos for my blog help me remember. of course, i don’t blog about every single detail, because some things are just meant to be private. in that case, people think because i only really share the good things, that i have this perfect life. well, i have news for you, my life is far from fucking perfect. this is my space, i share with the interbutt at large what i want, when i want.

i also review things from time to time ranging from subscription boxes to sex toys.

yeah i said sex toys. hide your crotch fruit’s [that’s my saying for a child.] eyeballs! it’s a *GAAAAAAAAAAAAASP* vibrator. don’t give me that look, i know you have one stashed away.

4. Do you earn any money with your blog?

zero. zip. zilch. nada. tried it in the past, and all it did for me was burn me out. i think the most i made was like $5 on ad space. you want me to review something? i’ll give you my opinion in exchange for the product.

5. What inspired you to blog?

2002-2003 me was a depressed, suicidal teenager. i needed an outlet other than digging blades into my skin. Enter Livejournal, where all the other depressed, suicidal teenagers hung out, trying to out angst each other.

6. What keeps you blogging?

there’s always something going on that makes me go “i need to record this.” judging by my blog archives’ track record, it’s not all that often, but the thing is, i’m not doing this to keep a readership.

7. Do you have any advice for readers looking for love? Looking to get laid? Looking for a threesome?

stay the fuck away from Craiglist, kids. if they won’t webcam / Facetime with you, they’re not who they say they are and they’re not worth your time. do your first meetings in a public place….blah blah blah.

and for fuck’s sake, follow your guts and use protection.

8. Did you do your kegels today? When was the last time you did them? (Men: There is no evidence that kegels prevent erectile dysfunction. Source: WebMD )

i did do my kegels today. i’m doing them right now. yes, i’m a smooth little fucker. >:D

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6 Replies to “[TMI Tues-gay] 05.05.15”

  1. Wow, that’s quite a length of blogging. How awesome if you have it all still saved and safe. Although I totally disagree with your child’s way of saying genitals, but the beauty is that I can disagree and still enjoy your answers.

    1. i think you misunderstood my wording there. “crotch fruit” is what i call a child. might be a wee childish, but i find it amusing. as far as genitals go, they get their scientific names or quite possibly vulgar wording….depending on the company i have. ha!

  2. You’re funny! more straightforward blogging please!


    1. will keep that in mind! thanks!! 🙂

  3. I like your answer to #3 especially. We began blogging in 2008 in part so we could have a record of our lives to read when we we’re older.

    1. Thanks Jack! 😀 I’m actually looking forwards to reading this in 20 years. 🙂

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