AnimeNEXT 2015 – Day 0 & 1


This was the first year we got to try out the eCheckin with the DoubleTree Somerset Hotel. I did a lot of research on it, and thought it was pretty damn neat to be able to choose your own room. There was also the option to use your smartphone as your key but we opted to have the usual plastic cards. I did not do the eCheckin via my phone, but rather on my PC to be more on the safe side. We chose two rooms on the second floor and they were literally diagonal from each other which made shipping food and other items to their occupants a HELL of a lot easier than last year.

We get there a little after four [which was oddly a new checkin time…so we decided to roll with it.] and our rooms weren’t ready yet [always happens…] and the receptionist said there were rooms on the 6th floor that were already ready but we were like NOPE NOPE NOPE. We want the rooms we asked for and with another hour to wait, we got them. WINNING.

Overall, eCheckin was stupidly easy and I’m just waiting for the actual final price of the rooms to settle out on my card and they’ll be paid.

We didn’t even have to bother with the checkout process.

Later on we found out the convention is having its final year in this location and will be moving to Atlantic City for the 2016 year [and beyond.] We were a little apprehensive in the beginning but we crunched some numbers and it actually worked out in our favor and we have already registered and booked a room in the hotel attached to the convention center after we got some more location details.


I got up and threw on my casual Tauriel cosplay, but lacked a wig until noon when the dealers room opened. I high-tailed it over there and I think we made the vendor’s day because we gave the names that the vendors themselves gave the wigs so they were easier to find. Tauriel’s Wig is called Captain Starlight Elf Interest [and I am working on a review, hold tight!] I loved the name Captain Starlight so much that I almost put “Captain Kitty Starlight” on my badge, but was certain I would not have enough room to write it. My girlfriend also made me a Kili plushie for my birthday that I carried around with us.

I sat in on a photoshoot that Rinny planned for their Skyrim OC in the Nightingale armor. I absolutely loved how this photographer [Kasia of KSCosplay Photography did posing cues and it was absolutely rad when they guided us through our own photoshoot [which I’ll get into more detail in my entry for Saturday!]

We were incredibly bummed to find out that the indoor pool was closed for maintenance and that the little convenience store in the lobby was closed down. Luckily I did not need any antacids for this con otherwise we’d have to send out our car owner roommate. Regardless, we sucked it up and went to hang out in the outdoor pool, which was VERY refreshing by the way because it was absolutely brutal with the temps well into the 90s with disgusting humidity.

When we returned to our hotel room, we discovered our roommates watching The Two Towers and we absolutely flipped out in excitement. After a quick shower, we tumbled into bed to watch the movie in which we didn’t even get to finish because we were both so exhausted we passed out.

To see ALL photos snapped of us during the weekend, see my AnimeNEXT 2015 photo album.

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  1. Red Vinyl Kitty says:

    Aww, sounds like a fun time. I liked looking at your pictures on Twitter too. <3 ::Hugs::

    1. *huggle* it really was! <3 Really looking forward to next year when cosplaying gets combined with booze and casinos!! LoL

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