Dental Aftermath

My new dentist did an amazing job with cleaning my teeth after 5 years. Very pleased. #selfie

since i’m waiting for photos of our Saturday photo shoot to come back to us, i figured i would deter a bit and give an update on how my return to the dentist went. it actually went extremely well, and she was very nice! she took as long as i needed to ease back into all the sensory things that come with getting your teeth cared for. i think i only had one episode where i felt like i wasn’t in control anymore.

but anyway, i was expecting to have like the worst possible prognosis like needing teeth to be removed or gum surgery.

i came away with only one cavity and a chipped tooth [that i didn’t even know that i chipped!!] i’ll get them fixed on the 7th of next month and then we plan to see what can be done about my jaw making weird noises.