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in the midst of the yearly packing scramble for AnimeNEXT [which starts on Thursday, and this week is absolutely DRAGGING. GAH!! >___<] i’m about 95% done, and will tie off the last of it on Thursday morning [mostly just hair care and such things that i’m still using and can’t pack away yet.]

i saw Angie put up this neat-o Four Things tag in which she thieved from Danielle and then Kate [who is back to blogging after a hiatus, and i’m happy to see her back! :D] thieved it from Angie along with myself. [BUNCHA TAG THIEVES!!!] but it is a interesting little thing and helps the reader to connect more with the blogger i suppose!

anyway, let’s get this show on the road…

Four Places I’ve Lived

i’ve lived in New Jersey all my life and only moved towns once. i’ll probably be going to NYC sometime in the future.

Four Jobs I’ve Had

i was a food service worker from September 2006 until February 1st, 2010. i also was a marketing assistant / desk monkey from 2007 to 2009, in which i had to leave the job because my food service job was switching companies and as such, they DEMANDED a five day schedule and would not accommodate my 2-day marketing job. not to mention i was starting to burn out at my marketing job so i thought it was best that i leave it. i even volunteered at a horse farm for a day, but i was definitely not cut out for that kind of thing. it was too physically demanding for someone who is physically challenged.

Four Of My Favorite Foods

  1. pancakes
  2. fettuccine alfredo
  3. McDonalds french fries
  4. cookie dough ice cream

Four Movies I’ve Watched More Than Once

  1. The Hobbit Trilogy
  2. Titanic
  3. The Dark Knight
  4. Bunraku

Four TV Shows I Watch [Current]

  1. Game of Thrones [even though i’ve not read the books…i’m finding this season to be EXTREMELY lacking…]
  2. Vikings
  3. Poldark
  4. Bones

Four Things I’m Looking Forward To This Year

  1. AnimeNEXT [obviously!]
  2. Poldark’s US release on the 21st of June
  3. Thanksgiving in my OWN house, free of judgmental family members for the first time in 26 years [as in, there’s some good things coming out of my grandfather passing last year….as shallow as that might sound.]
  4. Thursday is our 3 year anniversary, and we’ll be together to celebrate it

Four Things I Can’t Live Without

  1. cable television [being without it when Sandy hit was HELL and it was weird because i barely watch TV as it is. i guess it sparked a new appreciation for it…]
  2. my tablet, because the stupid little thing brings me so much entertainment
  3. coffee / tea
  4. vidya games

Four Things About Rinny

  1. they’re absolutely bananas about The Elder Scrolls, Lee Pee, Benedict Cumberbatch and corgis. [and they friggin’ encourage my ridiculous obsession with Aidan Turner.]
  2. they’re half Chinese and half Haitian [and get shit from full Asians that visit their work about it…well, the stink eye when they say that they’re only half.]
  3. they’re bigender
  4. they didn’t cause me to fall in love with them, they friggin’ tripped me and then i fell [that’s my story and i’m sticking to it!!] <3
  5. [bonus, and only one, because i could talk about my girlfriend for days since i love them very much…] no matter what gender presentation they’re feeling on a particular day, they look absolutely stunning and i’m very, very happy they chose to be mine

Four Places I’ve Visited

  1. Baby. The Stars Shine Bright in NYC
  2. Cape May Zoo [i’ve been several times, and love it there.]
  3. Colonial Williamsburg
  4. Boothbay Harbor, Maine
  5. Longwood Gardens [FUCKING GORGEOUS.]

Four Pet Peeves

  1. people who talk/chew with their mouth open
  2. popping of gum
  3. people who don’t don’t use their fucking turn signal [and i don’t even fucking drive!]
  4. people who will bend down to my level to talk to me, or proceed to talk to me like i’m a invalid because i mentioned i have a disability

Four Things I Wish I Could Do

  1. fly
  2. piss and/or puke glittery rainbows [jesus christ that’s gay]
  3. have actual functional use of my right extremities
  4. sew. but alas….#3’s reality kinda prevents that

Four Subjects I Studied At School

  1. US History [and it lies… much.]
  2. Science [and loved every minute of it, i was so bummed when i maxed out on credits for it so i didn’t take it my Senior year]
  3. Math [EWWWWWWWW.]
  4. French [yet it kinda fell out of my brain and that sucks.]

Four Things Near Me Right Now

  1. iPhone
  2. XBOX PC controller
  3. Plants vs Zombies Singing Sunflower
  4. various McDonalds Happy Meal toys

right then, i’ll be back in this space with a con report next week, have a great rest of your week everyone!!


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  1. Yay~! I’m so glad you’re doing this. I love all of your favorite foods! Happy almost 3 Year Anniversary!
    Also… Vikings. ♥ Sounds like a fabulous time coming up! Very happy for you, and both of you!

    1. thanks sweets!! i apologize for both us for the possible upcoming Twitter, Facebook & Tumblr spam. haha!

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