[Kitty Plays] Hatoful Boyfriend – Part II

Part I was basically a quick and dirty thoughts post, but here….here in Part II, WE HAVE ACTUAL PLAYTHROUGH EVIDENCE. i’m actually quite surprised that for both of these videos my PC did not explode.

i used XSplit Gamecaster to do all the grunt work, and it was stupidly easy to get it up and running. i fed it my Twitch account information, punched in what i was playing / doing, and after a bit of initializing on its part…I WAS LIVE ON THE INTERBUTTS PLAYING A GAME. of course, i’ll never be the next PewdiePie, Markiplier or whomever the kids watch these days…. [as an aside, i freaking love Markiplier and his reactions to Five Nights At Freddy’s.] but you’ll be damn sure i’ll be playing games and having a blast.

the second video’s quality is pretty shoddy mostly because i didn’t know what the hell i was doing and Gamecaster swore up and down these were the PERFECT SETTINGS for my aging computer…and it was actually the first time i was trying this out.

About 47 seconds in til about a minute there’s a brief BRB!!! screen because someone decided to pester me on Steam. i’d cut it out, but i’m too fucking lazy so…. *deal with it sunglasses*


For the time being there will be no voice / video-over because:

a) aging computer

b) i’m all about that playthrough life rather than spewing nonsense about the game

SO if you’d like to follow along with me in my gaming adventures, you can follow me on Twitter or Twitch and you can get notified when i’m gaming. if you miss out, i export my Twitch broadcasts to Youtube. they’ll hang out there until you know, Youtube has a shitfit about something.

i can’t promise any fancy-pants games until i upgrade this here dinosaur… [as in you’ll not see me fucking around on ESO yet.] but hopefully the games i -can- scringe out you will enjoy.