[Kitty Plays] Hatoful Boyfriend



otherwise known as “why the hell am I playing this? what drugs did I consume?”

i first heard about Hatoful Boyfriend on Facebook last year and i will admit extreme confusion. i’m no stranger to dating sims and will play them if the mood strikes but….dating PIGEONS? how ridiculous that concept is! Japan, y u so weird?

lots of my friends expressed that this game was hilarious and has a pretty good-sized following behind it.

so, i saw the Collector’s Edition on Steam today for $3 [thank you, Summer Sale!] and figured i’d give it a shot. if i hated it, I could always return it, much like i did with 100% Orange Juice yesterday.

it’s been a pretty adorable game so far, there’s puns and video game references out the ears.

of course you have your stereotypical dating sim “childhood friend” who’s liked you forever and wants to get in your pants but you have all these potential other birds you could date….



i’ll admit that Ryouta’s kinda cute but there’s another bird i have my eye on and it’s mostly because he is the species of my favorite bird…..



enter Nageki! he’s not much of a looker, but HE’S MY FAVORITE KIND OF BIRD. …and i want to date him. i hope i get a good ending with him. but now he’s not receptive to my advances. COME ON LITTLE BIRDIE

and then there’s Shuu…



who merely just feeds into my glasses fetish…

so far, Hatoful Boyfriend hasn’t disappointed me. it’s hilarious as people have stated but….definitely not something i would fangasm over for hours or days at a time.


[i’ll update this post at a later date when i complete the game…]

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