[Kitty Plays] The Elder Scrolls Online

i was asked by my friend Faete [NSFW link warning] and her Master to put together a little post about The Elder Scrolls Online as they were on the fence about purchasing it.

i actually played the Beta last year for about a day or two since Rinny got me into it. i didn’t get to play for as long as i would’ve liked because by the time i got everything downloaded, the test servers were closing up! gah! i did however, notice that the game has improved leaps and bounds since the Beta period and a lot of the bugs i ran into at that time were ironed out for the retail release.


i had to restart the initial install process over once, because for some reason my computer was just DONE reading all the data off the discs. by the way? there are four of them. yes, the entire install goes over four CDs. this game is HUGE.  [we’re talking 100+ gameplay hours.] once i finally got the actual install, it was time to patch up the game…

a process that took five. fucking. hours. on a wi-fi connection to a cable modem.


there are two giant patches [this one pictured that is literally 18GB from my terrible math.] and then a whole bunch of teeny ones [no more than 100mb]. it probably would have not taken so long if I hooked in directly to the cable modem but….desktop PC on 2nd floor. so yeah, if you have a pretty weak internet connection? expect to be running patching overnight or even a day or two. i thought i was going to, but luckily it finished about 11:30pm. some people were also fussing that they were going over bandwidth caps.


my character is a Khajiit Nightblade by the name of Dar’Navani so if you happen to run past me or see me in a zone, don’t be afraid to shoot me a message. i don’t pay much attention to the global chats.

TESO has a likeness to Skyrim and other ES games where you’re running around completing quests and you have your different guilds [Mages and Fighters, currently] they’re supposed to put in the Thieves’ Guild later, which is exciting because thievery [and accidental murder] are probably the two most of my favorite things to do in the ES games besides countless hours of just plain fucking around. there’s even an entire achievement line dedicated to thievery and murder, in which i have the most achievement points in, obviously.

File Jun 01, 12 40 25 PM

it’s almost impossible to get bored in-game, but you will get tired from using a keyboard and mouse for extended periods. there’s also a couple of parts of quests that caused me to rage quit before i changed up my technique of tackling them. [mostly parts to do with time, i do not work well under pressure.]

there’s talk of an eventual native implementation of allowing users to use controllers which i’m excited about, but i’m not expecting to see that ’til they sort out all the stuff related to the release on consoles. people have worked on it themselves but i haven’t yet tried to delve into it to get it working.

overall, i am having an absolute blast with TESO and it was well worth the money spent and waiting for it to go Free to Play!

overall verdict:

5 out of 5 paws up!

File Jun 01, 12 39 44 PM

P.S.: did i mention i hate these fuckers?

P.P.S.: apologies for the glare in the other two photos, took them with my iPhone rather than screenshot as i was MMSing them to a couple of people.

disclosure: i was not contacted by Bethesda Softworks or Zenimax Online to write this review nor compensated in any way for it. i purchased the game with my own funds and decided to write a review of my accord. all thoughts and opinions are strictly my own.

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  1. It’s such a fun game, especially now that it’s F2P (after purchasing), because a subscription plan for this, and FFXIV, would be hard. I also play Guild Wars 2, which is F2P after purchasing. ^_^ I have a thing for MMOs! Also, I gotta check out Faete’s blog. 😮

    1. yes it is! It going F2P was the main reason I held out on purchasing it and XIV’s subscription fee is what is keeping me from getting that. [not to mention my computer is kinda old, and i’m asking a lot of it to play TESO at the moment…. >__<] I paid XI's fee back when i was working so it worked out in my favor, but considering how little i play of MMOs and now being on a fixed income, i cannot really justify paying a $12 fee if i only play at the most a week or two out of the month. i'm sure it's more cost effective for someone who will play daily though. 🙂

      do check out her blog! she's one of my dear, dear online friends and we have a lot in common.

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