i had to house-sit this weekend, so i conjiggered a plan to get me some of the best. company. ever.  we had an absolute blast just enjoying each others’ company, stuffing our faces with food and watching a boatload of movies and TV shows.

on Friday, we took my nephew to see Minions [or rather, borrowed him as a “child excuse” for two almost-thirty-year-olds to see Minions.] it was funny, but not really worth all the hype it was getting. Bob was super adorable, i’ll give it that.

we also Skyped with Wynn, our “son”. 😀

i have no idea why i’m blanking out on what we did on Saturday, but I think we watched Pushing Daisies.

Sunday we went swimming and completely burned ourselves. [yes, we were wearing sunblock!] my face and chest got the brunt of it while my legs just turned into a roasted Irish potato. tan lines are weird, that is all.

Rinny taught me about the wonderful thing that is Seamless and oh my god i wish more of our restaurants around here jumped on board. the singular restaurant we ordered from was delicious and i am now happy i have another lunch/dinner option when i do -another- house-sit in August. unfortunately, i don’t think Rinny is joining me for that one because of commitments with DragonCon. things can change, though!

we also watched A TON of ScrewAttack‘s Death Battle videos, and i was literally busting ribs the entire time laughing.

How was your weekend?