Amazing Advice

There’s lots of advice out there about how to make the best out of your long distance relationship. To be honest, not all of it is useful! As a real long distance couple dealing with real long distance issues, what token of advice really helped you the most in your LDR?


communication is the number one thing, perhaps even the foundation of any relationship. [you gotta ask someone if you want to be in a relationship with them, right?] in a LDR though, communication is really all you have whether it be via snail mail, texting, or Skype. [there’s probably more methods, but i’m going off the top of my head.] make sure you communicate as often as possible, and if you must talk about something serious…please do not do it over a text format if you can help it. Text does NOT emulate someone’s feelings well and you original intentions can get read differently by the recipient and can pretty much explode in your face in a nasty misunderstanding.

communicate all your feelings, your hurts, your fears, your happiness. your partner is there to celebrate or help you through them.

DO NOT under any circumstances decide to one day feel that your relationship just isn’t for you and stop talking to your partner all together. that is fucking shitty and you’re playing with a real human being’s feelings. if you don’t want the relationship any more, communicate that. it’s a hell of a lot better than going cold turkey. this is a person, not trying on clothes.

if you know for a fact you’re not going to be able to talk to your partner for a set amount of time, [maybe you’re going to be without internet, or your phone is busted..] try to get a friend to tell your partner so they’re not sitting around worried sick about you.

i have had an experience where i was purposely ignored for two months by a previous partner and that put a big ol’ rift between us.

o2. it is absolutely okay to be bummed out and miss your partner!


o3. DO NOT let your life revolve around your partner

live your life as it was before your partner came into it. continue doing the things that you enjoyed doing. your partner is also allowed to go out and do things WITHOUT YOU. don’t be calling or texting them every five minutes…that just makes you look like a jealous insecure jerk. your partner is out having fun or doing it is what ever they are doing, not boinking someone who isn’t you without your knowledge….and if they are? dump that sorry ass mother fucker now.

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