[Currently] July 2015

Currently....i haven’t done a Currently… post since the beginning of the year and so, here i am doing another one at the [well, it’s passed now…] mid-way point of the year. i figure i’ll do one more in December and try to keep up that tradition.


i’ve been having my usual ups and downs, basically the baggage that comes along with living with two anxiety disorders and depression. in the beginning of June i had a brief period of feeling guilty and undeserving of my fully favorable disability case decision. the feelings of guilt though, have happened to other folks who had gotten the green light. it is really nice though, to have an income coming in again, even if it is fixed. i can work with it. i just take each day as it comes.


BOOM! and Wayward Pines on FOX, Poldark on PBS [which for me is basically a re-watch, as I streamed it from BBC One back in March…and now it is airing States-side.] My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on Discovery Family Steven Universe on Cartoon Network, Rizzoli and Isles on TNT and Halt & Catch Fire on AMC. i’m also re-watching Pushing Daisies on DVD because Rinny and i are pretty much obsessed with that right now.


Cheap & Cheerful by The Kills. this song played in the beginning of the House episode, Lucky Thirteen where Thirteen has a one-night stand with the patient-of-the-week, Spencer [for whom my iDevices are named after.]


Print: Ross Poldark [Poldark book 1] by Winston Graham
Fanfiction: A Forgotten Queen [AND IT IS KILLING ME SLOWLY WITH FEELINGS. i still can’t believe i let Rinny talk me into reading this. >___<]


i -will be- working on my Tauriel cosplay with Rinny in about a week or two once we iron out when they’re going to come down to visit


getting this blog post done as quickly as possible so i can go back to destroying my feelings with that fanfiction. also about the fact that Battle of the Five Armies’ extended edition is coming out in November and i lack a Blu-Ray player because mine literally went up in flames towards the end of 2011. [and caused me to stop using my PC for a month because i was scared the entire thing was toast.] sad Kitty, indeed. BUT!! i think November is when i’m getting another chunk of back benefits so i think that is when I am going to be –FINALLY– upgrading my PC. i have my eyes on a Dell XPS machine that will basically run laps around what i’m currently using. the specs are a bit….overkill [the hell i need 32 GB of RAM for?! but the other part of me is like stfu and get it.] for what i use my PC for, but at least it will be future-proofed for a while. [i hope.]


all the Rinny snuggles and kisses. SOOOOOOON.


AnimeNEXT 2016 in Atlantic City, possibly going to NYCC 2015 [and Disney!], working on Tauriel with Rinny [my first hand-made cosplay. EEEEEEE!!] and just you know, spending time with them because DISTANCE SUCKS.


when Rinny puts things like this on my Facebook profile:


it just makes me feel so so so appreciated, wanted and loved. <3


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  1. Oh my goodness, is that your German Shepherd? I had one and loved her so much. She passed away 10 years ago and I still miss her and tell my kids about her all the time. I wanted to comment that the format of your “currently” post is very readable and easy to read! First time I’ve read this “column.” Sending love from another gal that battles depression.

    1. oh no, the pretty little one isn’t mine! it is merely one o’ those viral Facebook photos that go around, you know? i do have a pup though! he’s an American Akita named Dator! http://belladonna-saboteur.tumblr.com/tagged/the-intimidator

      thanks so much on letting me know that things are easy to digest, that’s my aim here! i have trouble reading / comprehending so i try to keep things as simple as possible and break it up in small chunks as needed. may you fight strong with your battle! hugs.

      1. Oh sweet Akita! We rescued an Akita once and found a home for him many years ago! 😉 Hope you are having a good weekend!

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