[Kitty Plays] Back to Bed


Back to Bed is a indie 3D puzzle game and your mission [should you choose to accept it…] is to get Bob, a narcoleptic, safely back in bed when he sleep walks.

You control [either by mouse or my personal favorite, controller] Subob, a rabbit/dog-esque creature of Bob’s subconscious that throws apples and other objects in Bob’s path to keep him from falling off the edge and dying [or [probably waking up in this case.]

The game is rather pretty to look at, and I found myself getting distracted a few times and well…Bob would go wandering off the edge. Oops. Funnily enough though, there is a achievement that you can unlock that is related to just letting Bob fall down a certain number of times in one level.



I received Back to Bed as part of the Eye Candy 3 Humble Bundle so I’m not entirely sure if it holds accurate value to its price tag.  There are some achievements that will require you to replay the game if you don’t unlock them the first time.

I definitely feel though, that the devs could have expanded more on Back To Bed, it just feels ridiculously simple and could get boring rather fast.