[Kitty Plays] Tengami


Tengami is a visually-pleasing adventure/puzzle game set in the style of a Japanese pop-up book. it is fairly short and can be completed in about 30 minutes to an hour according to other sources…

unfortunately, i never finished it. i never finished it because i got frustrated with the shipwreck puzzle in the “Ocean World”. i lit all the pyres, sailed on over to the shipwreck intent on docking my little paper boat but….nope! did not happen. WHERE DID I GO WRONG, TENGAMI?

other than me being unable to finish the game, it is indeed visually stunning and the audio is also lovely. A note on the audio though, don’t walk too far out of a scene! it will abruptly cut off.

there’s a couple times where the BRB screen comes up in my playthrough for a few seconds because i world click off to the right or left too far and it would drop me back to my desktop, minimizing the game. two-monitor [or more] users be wary. it was super frustrating.

this is the first game where i kinda sorta went in blind, so you’ll see a lot of DEAR GOD I’M CONFUSED. WHAT DO I DO?!? walking back and forth. i’m not sure if it was my computer, but the walking around in this game was slow as molasses going uphill in January.


Tengami retails for $10, and i don’t feel it’s worthy of that pricetag. i would personally wait for this game to show up in a bundle [I got it in the Eye Candy 3 Humble Bundle] and snap it up that way. it’s incredibly short, has some issues with multiple monitors, issues with clicks not registering and has no replay-ability so you’d definitely feel cheaped out if you pay for Tengami by itself.

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  1. Tengami is a game I want to get, but I can’t buy this one or any others for a while. It’s very beautiful, but I can understand some of the issues.

    1. Definitely wait this one out. I’d hate to see you guys drop the $10 and then end up disappointed in it! D:

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