[Tagged!] Dragon’s Loyalty Award

i got awarded the Dragon’s Loyalty Award via Angie. thanks!


the “rules” of the Dragon’s Loyalty Award:

o1. visit and thank the blogger who nominated you
o2. acknowledge that blogger on your blog with a link
o3. share 7 facts about yourself that other bloggers might not know
o4. nominate up to 15 other bloggers for a Dragon’s Loyalty Award, linking to their blogs and notifying them
o5. copy and paste the award somewhere on your blog


o1. my Chinese Zodiac is in fact the Dragon
o2. Tumblr has a running giggle that considers Demisexual people either dragons or demigods, can i be a demigod dragon? because that would be pretty fucking rad
o3. facts
o4. more facts
o5. i prefer tags that pose questions over listing facts
o6. my girlfriend and i started dating exactly a year after we first met
o7. cosplay friends who meet me in person are always like, “YOU’RE SO TINY.” and “if i hug you i’m afraid you will break…” well, the camera DOES add pounds!

and as you may know [or now know..] i am famous for breaking most of if not all the rules of these tagging things. i literally suck the fun right out of them. đŸ˜›

i basically go like this: if you are reading this, and you want to accept the award, by all means do so.