excuse me, August? where the fuck did you go?

anyshoe, Rinny came to visit this past weekend because it was my family’s annual gathering and Mothership  had invited them down so we made a weekend of it. drank booze and watched Markiplier Let’s Play videos of Alien: Isolation and Five Nights At Freddy’s 4. i’m seriously convinced my girlfriend is an emotional sadist or just gets off on me getting scared. [they like horror stuff!!] they’re lucky i love them so damn much to let them do it, though. :PP

Alien: Isolation wasn’t as bad as FNAF 4 which was a total mind fuck and a half. AI mostly was making me motion sick, as it is played solely in first-person.

people have to remember that “scary” varies for people, what’s not scary to you might be SCARY AS EVER LOVING FUCK! to me.

Rinny will be back in about a week because i have to house-sit again, and they’re attending Dragon*Con for the first time this upcoming weekend [totally jealous, because D*C has kink-related panels and shit….ugh!!!] going to try to make an effort to attend it and Katsucon next year, we’ll see how it looks financially and time-y.

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  1. I love love love horror, butttt cannot tolerate screamers (like, I WILL almost pass out or actually pass out.) I want to play more horror games, but am so worried about screamers. >o< I'm glad you guys got to spend time together face-to-face! ♥

    1. Alien Isolation at least has a bit of “warning” before the Xenomorph gets in your face. [she stabs you first.] The Five Nights At Freddy’s series? you have absolutely no idea when they’re going to be there…and it gets worse as the game progresses in each installment. Like you’ll see them down the hall, cool, but next thing you know THEY’LL BE IN YOUR FACE.

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