[Saturday 9] Hello, Dolly!

1) This song is about a woman returning to the town where she was happiest. How many towns have you lived in?


2) Crazy Sam played Ernestina in her high school production of Hello, Dolly! and still remembers one of her lines: “Hey, you with the big ears! What are you doing after the show?” Tell us something that you memorized for school that is still rattling around in your brain.

my friends and i made up a dance to the SMiLE.dk song, Butterfly for a Chorus class project. it will be 10 years next year and i still can’t shake it.

3) This week’s featured artist, Louis Armstrong, got his start entertaining diners on riverboat dinner cruises. Have you ever taken a dinner cruise?


4) Armstrong took his nickname, “Satchmo,” from “Satchel Mouth” — a slang term for someone with a wide mouth, which Louis believed was his most distinguishing feature. What do you think people notice first about you?

my height, for sure. at least, that’s what i get the most comments on.

5) In 1936, Louis became the first African American to get featured billing in a Hollywood movie. Have you seen any of this summer’s big movies?

i took my nephew as an excuse to see Minions.

6) When Jerry was growing up, he was close to an aunt named Belle who encouraged his love of music. Tell us about one of your aunts or uncles.

i don’t have their permission to talk about them on my blog so i will have to pass, sorry!

7) Though famous for composing the scores of Hello, Dolly!, Mame and La Cage Aux Folles, Jerry Herman can’t read music. Can you?

i can!

8) Now retired, Mr. Herman lives in Miami. This is Miami’s “wet season,” which lasts into October. When did it last rain where you are?

it rained yesterday morning at about 2am. woke me up! 🙁

9) Random question: Have you suffered a sunburn this summer?

yes! and a literal month later, it is still healing / somewhat visible. will probably end up with another next Saturday, but will be sure to throw on sunblock where the bad one ended up.