[Sunday Stealing] Birds Are Chirping

Name a product you buy mostly because it has a cool package.

i don’t think i’ve ever bought something just for the packaging to be quite honest!

What flavor cake do you like for your birthday?

ice cream for sure, but if it’s gotta be regular cake, chocolate on top of more chocolate.

Have you ever been in love with someone much older or younger than you?

i’m currently dating someone who is two years younger than me, but i have not been in love with someone who was say 5 or 10 years older/younger, no.

Have you ever had a job you loved?

i actually enjoyed my cafe job before it changed hands and i got screwed over by the new management. the hours and days were always the same, i had paid time off on holiday breaks and the summer. but unfortunately, my disability started catching up with me.

Have you ever been in a building that was on fire?

i have not, and let’s hope i never shall. i have been evacuated twice from my house though due to brush fires in the area and we have had the wood stove flue catch fire many years ago.

Are you in an argument with anyone right now?


Would you change your hair color to something outrageous if you would get paid to?

depends on the “outrageous” hair color!

Have you ever written a poem for someone?

yeah, and it was really terrible.

What is a place you’ve vacationed at and would like to go back to?

Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Do you eat samples at the grocery store?

nope, i always eat before going to the store for that reason otherwise the person in charge of the samples would never get rid of me.

What do you absolutely have to have to make your birthday feel special?


What’s the last tourist area you visited?

Times Square, NY

Where do you go out to eat for a special occasion?

Outback Steakhouse

When was the last time you went to a post office?

a week ago

Is there an item you are saving up to buy right now?

yes, a new computer!

Are you psychic in any way?

does finishing my girlfriend’s sentences count? or is that just the typical couples’ thing…

Do you prefer a laptop or desktop? Which are you on now?

i’m currently on a desktop and i prefer them because they’re easier to upgrade on my own

Have you ever received a gift and truly did not know what it was?

as in a complete surprise or “…the heck is this thing?”

What’s your homepage?


Is there a thing you enjoy doing, but quit because you are not good at it?

probably writing [outside of blogging] i wrote a drabble a few months ago and realized how horrible it was. we’re never doing that again.