look who came back as promised! we had a fantastic weekend filled with…

MOVIES! i finally saw Alien 1 & 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy i’m years late on the Alien bus, because there was no way in hell Mothership would’ve let me watch them as a kid. Surprisingly, i wasn’t scared at all. there were a few times were i jumped, but it was more because my startle reflex was set off by a noise in the movie. some parts were pretty gross though, yikes. I AM SO HAPPY THAT I NOW UNDERSTAND THE REFERENCES THOUGH! Gaurdians of the Galaxy was super hilarious and i really enjoyed it to the point that when it was over i was on Amazon adding it to my cart. i don’t really care for superhero movies unless it was Batman-related so this was the first comic-related movie that I enjoyed outside of Batman. my favorite character was Rocket for sure, and my absolute favorite scene was when Quill was distracting Ronan by dancing.

💖💜 thanks for a fantastic weekend, husband. A photo posted by Kitty (@lovelyvanille) on Sep 14, 2015 at 1:00pm PDT


COSPLAYING! it was supposed to happen the last time Rinny was here, but Thranduil was packed up for Dragon*Con

CAH! while Skyping with Wynn i mentioned that we were going to play the physical card game and they replied, “HAVE YOU EVER PLAYED IT ONLINE?!?” i had, but Rinny had not played it at all, ever. so we put together a few games and ended up playing for almost two hours before we started getting tired. thanks for the friends that came out to play when we announced it! 😀

TANNING! had to get the last lazy pool float in before the pool is winterized.