[#ListersGottaList] September 2015 – Weeks IDFK

real attractive title up there am i right? but to be completely honest with you i fell extremely behind on Listers Gotta List this month and spent the past couple days just scrambling to get caught up on the prompts i wanted to do. hopefully next month it won’t be as much as a jumblefuck, but you know me, i can’t make any promises about that!!

How I Spent The Weekend [9/6/15]

  • Animal Crossing
  • BBQ on Sunday
  • Watching Markiplier

First Things I Think About In The Morning [9/11/15]

  • Needing coffee
  • Random body pains

Currently… [9/19/15]

  • Watching: nothing
  • Reading: Poldark [again]
  • Listening To: “The Con” by Tegan & Sara

In My Backpack [9/20/15]

phone, wallet, sunglasses, power pack [and Lightning cables], menstrual products, 3DS case, checkbook and pens