[TMI Tuesday] Autumn Lovin’

1. Autumn or fall. Which do you say?

both, actually!

2. Pumpkin Spice. Love it or hate it?

i can’t really get behind the whole Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte craze, but i really love Green Mountain’s Pumpkin Spice and look forward to the email of when it’s available again

3. Apples. Seasonal treat or eat them all year?

eat them all year!! who reserves apple pie for only the cold weather months?!? you crazy. The Mothership makes amazing apple pie, too

4. Where you live, do tree leaves change color in fall?

they do. they also fall off, and the oak tree on the front lawn is dropping acorns like nobody’s business right now

5. In autumn truffles are popular in Italy, seafood is popular in Ireland, crayfish popular in Stockholm. What is a popular autumn food where you live?

pumpkin everything is the first thing that comes to mind

6. Scientists observed that the further a country is away from the equator, the more its residents are affected by the seasons. How do you feel in autumn/fall? Depressed, rejuvenated or some other emotion?

depressed, moreso than usual, unfortunately. bless the invention of sunlight bulbs, though. gets me through the day

7. Strolls amid fall foliage are:
a. romantic
b. allergy inducing
c. dirty
e. prime-time to “rustle the leaves” (if you know what I mean *wink, wink*)

romantic yes, but also holy hell my nose runs off!!

8. What is your favorite autumn holiday, celebration or activity?

i may be 27 years old but god damn do i love a good run at trick-or-treating. luckily i still have little ones [benefits of being auntie to three of ’em!] to take out

Bonus: Do you go apple picking in autumn? Ever made out in an apple orchard?

i haven’t but i’ll bring it up to Rinny. i mean heck, we added waltzing in beekeeper suits to the “Silly Things We Must Accomplish Because We’re Nerds Disgustingly In Love” list just recently



thanks, Pushing Daisies for enabling us.

3 Replies to “[TMI Tuesday] Autumn Lovin’”

  1. Watch out for those bloody acorns that they don’t hit you on the head, those things may be small but they hurt. I like your answer to 8. I have kids I still get to take out too. Then I raid their bags.

    1. oh my goodness it does hurt!!

      i always raid the nephew and niece’s bags too! they usually give me all the stuff they won’t eat. 🙂

      1. LOL, it is even better when it is good stuff they don’t eat.

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