[#Cosplay Updates!] Reese, Chuck & The Queen of Mirkwood

just a quick update to show some cosplay progress [wig tests, literally. with the exception of Chuck.] on Reese [Animal Crossing: New Leaf], Chuck [Pushing Daisies] and The Queen of Mirkwood.

all wigs were purchased from The Five Wits [my current wig shop of choice due to the fact their wigs fit my fat American head, they name their wigs the most awesome things and that their staff are the MOST KINDEST PEOPLE EVER.] and are linked in their posts.

right now they’re doing a promotion for the month of October where a 10% portion of the sales of a pink wig goes to Breast Cancer research.

i actually purchased all these wigs way ahead from when i actually need them [AnimeNEXT 2016] but it’s always fun to have them around to wear when your actual hair is not cooperating.