[TMI Tuesday] De-Clutter Your Virtual Desktop Day

1. Look at your computer desktop.

a. How many icons are on your desktop

Only one, the recycle bin. you want photographic evidence? here ya go:

i used to have TONS of icons on my desktop years ago, but it has since become clutterful and i just grab what i need off the Start Menu now. it’s a habit i picked up from using Ubuntu Linux. i’m using Windows currently because i can’t fucking quit it. *shakes fist* Mostly because a lot of my favorite games aren’t Linux-friendly and fussing with WINE takes too many braincells.

also the handsome dude as my wallpaper is Aidan Turner.

b. What 5 icons are you ready to remove immediately because you never use them?

i kinda need that recycle bin there as i haven’t found an easy way to Start Menu it.

c. Any sexy pic folders or porn clippings folders on that desktop?

as you can see, barren of the pr0nz. [there’s no hidden folders, either.]

2. Look at your smart phone or tablet.

a. Do you have one home page or does it scroll to several other pages? How many pages?

since the iOS update that allowed more icons in folders, both my phone and iPad only have one page.

b. How many barely used widgets/icons/apps are you willing to remove from the home page(s) right now?

i use everything that’s on the page itself, in the folders? that’s definitely another story.

c. What are the names of the apps you are removing?

i’m not removing any.

3. Okay sexy peeps we know you have sexy pics and vids on your computer. Are the items organized?

a. In their own directory with special file folder titles
b. In a special file mixed in with regular documents and such
c. Secure on a separate drive (i.e., flash/thumb drive)
d. I pop in a VHS tape to watch porn

everyone’s that’s into teh pr0nz has got “that drive” and they’ll tell you with a straight face. granted they’re not ashamed to have it. which i’m not. you ask me if i have it? YEAH, I GOT IT. IT’S RIGHT HERE. [in my desk currently.]

4. If you were to really get organized with your desktop and home screens, which of these methods would you prefer:

a. Verb based folders (Look up, Listen, Share, Photograph, Navigate)
b. Color code the icons
c. Alphabetize the icons
d. Frequency of app use

i kinda use that method already.

5. Tell us 5 apps you cannot live without.

Skype, Twitter, Clue [cycle tracker, not the game!], Tumblr, and Township [an incredibly stupid town-building game but i’m addicted, gah.]

come play along!