Happy Thanksgiving!

or as i would like to say, Spanksgiving, but that’s for another year. fret not, it will happen.

i was reading over my TimeHop entries for Thanksgiving yesterday and it had a theme: EXTREME ANGER. if the ‘ships weren’t fighting, i was getting pissed off because i didn’t want to be in the company of generally shitty people. it took some events to happen in the last few years though, for the ‘ships to catch on that Fathership’s family isn’t all as perfect as he thought it out to be. one of the events i can speak about though, is my Grandfather’s passing after Christmas last year. Family gets fucking ridiculous when it comes to money, and Fathership’s was no different. the other event i’m not going to speak about, but the thing i will say is that i at one point was involved in it and a family member’s reaction to it made me basically hate her forever.

but here we are in 2015, and for the first time in 27 years of my life, i’m actually EXCITED for Thanksgiving because we’re keeping it at home with the immediate family.

to my American readers that celebrate, Happy Thanksgiving! to my readers that don’t celebrate for whatever reason you may have, i hope you have a wonderful day, you’re beautiful and i hope you’re safe! <3

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