you heard that right, i finally got out of the stone age! i’ve been waiting YEARS to finally upgrade my PC and i got the chance to do so this week. i’ve had my previous computer since 2009, she’s still special to me because she was the thing i bought with my first ever tax return. however, 6 years is a long time to hold on to a computer. [although, my parents’ previous computer was around for almost 14 before they upgraded….they mostly use it for internetting and the occasional offload of photos.]

my previous PC might get re-purposed though, my Dad needs something in the garage to look up car stuff. pretty certain she’ll be able to handle it, but for the time being she’s sitting on my bedroom floor in case something happens to this one within the return window.

but without further ado, i’d like to introduce you to my new “battle station”.

this computer is tiny, QUIET [all you hear out of it is the usual initial fan ROAR when you start it up and when reading discs.] and the LEDs there? i can change those according to my mood or whatever. there are also LEDs on the sides that illuminate the floor [kinda like those lower body ground LEDs you see on cars?]

it’s supposed to be red and purple [mine and Rinny’s favorite colors, respectively.] but my phone decided okay we’re going to make it pink-ish instead.

i found myself missing my built-in media card reader, but i bought a USB one and actually eliminated my USB hub in the back because there’s plenty of ports back there.

and being my monitor is 24″ [as opposed to 15″] i eliminated the dual screen setup to my TV. if i can’t see movies now, then i am fucking blind and we must call it a day.

so there you have it.

YES I WILL NOW BE STREAMING GAMES. just give me a second or two to wrap my head around the fact i can actually run games at decent settings.




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