[Review] Kitten’s Playpen – In-Stock Handmades

*NOTE!: I have a custom order in queue, which i’ll do a separate review on once it ships*

Order Date: 11/20/2015

Ship Date: 11/23/2015

Delivery Date: 11/30/2015

Kitten’s Playpen is an independently-owned shop that sells hand-made animal ears, collars,  leashes and other adult novelty items. the shop is owned by two sisters, Sara [NSFW link] and Jess [also NSFW link] and they are located in Canada.

Kitten’s Playpen’s In-Stock Handmades section is simply that: ready-to-ship handmade items! Sara and Jess recently introduced this section to help reduce wait times for their products, give orders that had mistakes [like the wrong fur color option!] a 2nd home AND give their new staff members the practice in creating them. the In-Stock Handmade section is updated every Friday at 4PM EST.

On November 20th 2015, i saw that they had some SUPER CUTE Tiger Kitten ears in, and I jumped on them! The ears are made from faux tiger fur and are mounted on a thin wire headband.


For a practice piece, these are VERY well made ears. they’re sewn securely to the headband and hold up to a bit of tugging. i only tugged on them to make sure they wouldn’t pop off should i get stuck to something while wearing them. [i’m a huge klutz…] they move easily along the headband and are fully wired to allow different poses. My only super small gripe [and probably something my crafty Husband can fix for me is the length of the fur in the back, i feel like they should have been trimmed up a bit in the back but we’ll see what Husband thinks before we go ahead and trim them up. 🙂


This packaging is super fucking cute, let me tell you.

They do not put “Kitten’s Playpen” on the label, opting for “KPP Incorporated” instead and simply mark the customs form as “costume” for those who might have people in their household that are nosy. [I certainly do, so I know how it feels! and i’m a grown ass adult at home.] You can also opt to not have stickers placed on your package for an even more discreet option.

My ears were packed in a sturdy, white cardboard box and were wrapped in green tissue paper along with a packet containing a candy cane, a Thank You postcard, business card [yay! another one for my business card collection!] and a care card as well. [which is super helpful because sometimes people are unsure how to get stains out of faux fur.


5 out of 5 paws up and totally going to be ordering again in the future from the In-Stock section! :DD

legal jargon: i was not monetarily compensated nor asked by Kitten’s Playpen to write this review. the product was purchased for my personal collection with my own money. all thoughts and opinions are strictly my own.