every title I thought up for this post didn’t quite fit. It didn’t flow right and kinda felt jarring.

But this is an important post to me regardless, and I want to talk about it. It might be a mishmash and not make any sense as I’m in a state of FKEGFGKFGKFGKFGKEFLADLSDF YAY so you can go on ahead to the TL;DR at the end of this post if that will make more sense to you.

Mothership was gathering Xmas gifts for Rinny and consulted with me on a few things she thought they would like. Being Rinny is out to their parents I figured it was high time mine knew and I figured this was going to be now or never. I was honestly unsure Mothership’s views on transgender people until she was pretty positive and open about Catelyn (I probably spelled that wrong…) Jenner and quickly adapted to using C’s preferred name and pronouns.

I just piped up Rinny’s correct pronouns and we went on from there. I also told Mothership that Rin was a perferred name and to not use Rinny’s birth name anymore as it is essentially dead. not legally yet, but it’s as good as dead to Rinny and that’s all that matters to me. From this day forward this is how we address them, no ifs ands or buts!

Mothership of course was confused at first and had some pretty abrasive questions, but we went over some webpages about what bigender was and that even though the website gives a general definition, it’s not the end all and be all definition. Everyone may find the general definition does well for explaining, but it still is up to the individual how they define their identity.  We also went over things that aren’t exactly appropriate to say like “xyz trapped in abc body” “are they a hermaphrodite?”

It was nice though, to see my mother be so accepting, something that had been worrying me for a long time since Rinny formally came out . I did not know how my parents would take it as they are often “stuck in the past” and believe that there are only two gender identities. 

Mothership is going to go to the store and get a manly gift and a girly gift.

My mother loves my girlfriend no less than she did before and it just took a huge weight off my shoulders. Rinny has one more safe space around my parents.

I couldn’t be happier.

Tl;Dr: I told my mother about my girlfriend’s gender identity and she took it so fucking well.