AnimeNEXT 2015 – Day 2

**I had these sitting in drafts for far too long. Wanted to finish them but highly doubt I will get the last remaining photos before the end of the year, so…..FINALLY PUBLISHING THESE!!**

His and Her Royal Majesties of Mirkwood (Photo via @resi600)
Photo via resi600 / Raphael Resignato

Saturday was by far the busiest day for the both of us. I was debuting a pretty-much-last-minute-dear-god cosplay of Thranduil’s Wife since Rinny was being Thranduil and was entered into the Hall Cosplay contest. We were both pretty much in these cosplays nearly ALL. FRICKING. DAY. until later on after the Masquerade. you might think i was cool given my state of dress, [i had on a tanktop and a pair of shorts!] but the shawl wasn’t all that forgiving unfortunately.

We had a spur of a moment decision to do a photoshoot with the same photographer that did Rinny’s photoshoot yesterday and i was super stoked to work with them. they showed us some preview shots from the camera and we were ABSOLUTELY FLOORED. These were just in the camera! Well worth the money spent. They even went as far to ask what our pronouns were! +1 to Kasia! Thank you a million for asking. [see people, it’s not so hard and we actually appreciate it if you ask!]

2015-08-04 21.18.24
2015-08-04 21.18.30

photos via KS Cosplay Photography

Here’s a few shots that we favored and there’s tonnes more, so i’ll direct you to my Flickr album for this year to see the rest of them to keep this from becoming RUN ON PHOTO BLOG FROM HELL!!


photos via That DJ Ranma S Guy / Anime Jam Session

On a return to the hotel room for one of many food and rest breaks after signing Rinny in for the contest, we ran into a Legolas cosplayer in which we ended up role-playing with for a good 45 minutes in the hallway. it was frigging fabulous and every time they ran into us they would yell, “HI MOM AND DAD!!” and it worked out so well because they were younger than both of us.

Mirkwood Family elfie. (photo via the husband's iPad)Photo via Rinny’s iPad

I was a bit apprehensive about getting into the Masquerade audience because it’s a pretty popular event and fills up quickly. Luckily for us, we had to escort Rinny to the Main Events space at 6:30 and then got on line afterwards. Fi and I got pretty good seats, we could see a monitor and a little bit of the stage but unfortunately, it was too washed out to get a photo of my husband ABSOLUTELY SLAYING IT. Luckily, I have other attendees in better spots to save the day for me…


IMG_3262-X2 IMG_3263-X2

photos via Jan Likes Canon / theflash

*purr purr purr* Unfortunately, Rinny didn’t win the category they applied for and I was grumpy for all of….five minutes. Because there’s always next year…but STILL. D:< They also thought i was drunk when they came to get me after the Masquerade was over, but in fact i was not…my CROWN was drunk. [it was slipping from me bonking into things all day long because i am a clumsy idiot.] When you’re both hard of hearing, it makes for hilarious conversations. Untitled

photo va e-takes-a-lot-of-photos

[fun fact: G gave me the lollipop i was eating in that photo, and it stained my lips / tongue blue, on a hotel room visit G freaked out, thinking i was dying.]

We eventually got to dress down quite a bit for the Saturday Night Dance, which we never end up actually going to….we have our OWN little dance in the covered bridge section between the hotel and convention center and sometimes move into the hotel lobby depending on how we feel.

I actually wish we had photos of us dancing around like idiots but everyone who came by to dance with us or give us glow sticks made the experience memorable enough! We ended up staying up well until 2:30 in the morning just dancing and singing with each other.

This cosplay debut was a success even for a completely last minute decision and we actually found an actual ABSOLUTELY PERFECT dress that had a $200 price tag for 2016. After some hemming and hawwing over it, I just said “FUCK IT. LET’S GET IT.” and ordered it. I can’t wait to show you all!!

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