[Saturday 9] Chuck E.’s In Love

1) In this song, Chuck E.’s friends look for him at the pool hall and the drugstore. If we want to find you on a Saturday afternoon, where should we look?

either at my computer or loafing around in bed on my iPad

2) The lyrics tell us his friends know something up with Chuck E because he’s even combed his hair. So here’s a question about your hair: do you usually use a blow dryer or let it air dry?

blow dry!

3) In this song, Ricki Lee sings that she spotted Chuck E. at the Pantages, a grand old Los Angeles theater. Nearly 100 years old, the Pantages was originally a movie palace and was renovated in the 1980s for concerts and theatrical productions. Tell us about a cool landmark in your town.

The Bayville Dinosaur! he’s been painted and beheaded by stupid truck drivers several times over the years i’ve lived here. he’s sadly headless right now and his head is in a secure location while his body is shrinkwrapped to protect against the elements. for the holidays he’s got some lights on him and the town is trying to raise money to restore him and get him reunited with his head…and hopefully protected from future beheadedments [is that even a word? well, it is now!]

4) “Chuck E.” is a real person. Chuck E. Weiss is a blues musician and DJ who hung around with Ricki Lee and her boyfriend … until he fell in love. Have you ever had a friendship fall by the wayside when one of you entered a romantic relationship?

i haven’t, but i have had people drop me like a hot potato for their partners

5) Rickie Lee was once married to a French musician named Pascal Nabet-Meyer. Say something to us in French.


6) When her popularity was at its height, Rickie Lee appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone twice. Who have you seen on a recent magazine cover?

Donald Trump

7) Rolling Stone called Rickie Lee “the duchess of cool.” Who is the coolest person you know?


8) 1979 was a good year for Rickie Lee, what with her big hit record and the Rolling Stone covers. But it was a terrible year for The Who, because eleven of their fans died during an Ohio concert. What’s your favorite Who song?

probably Baba O’Riley and Behind Blue Eyes. the ‘ships listen to The Who more than i do [Fathership especially.]

9) Rickie Lee moved to New Orleans, a city she fell in love with after a visit. Have you ever gone to a vacation spot and wished you could just stay there forever?

YES!!! Boothbay Harbor, Maine is gorge and i would love to go back to it someday.

6 Replies to “[Saturday 9] Chuck E.’s In Love”

  1. Love, LOVE that dinosaur! Thanks for sharing. I hope he’s soon restored his previous glory.

    1. hopefully soon!! *fingers crossed!*

  2. I hope the dinosaur gets its head back soon. That’s kind of sad.

    1. We hope so too!

  3. I like the dinosaur! I think it is so funny that they’ve put Christmas lights on a headless dinosaur, though! Must make out–of-town visitors look twice!

    1. Lol! I definitely would have if I wasn’t from around here.

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