Setting The World On Fire

[title related to a song on the Fallout 4 radio.]

hello, Internet! how was your weekend? mine was FANTASTIC. Rinny visited and we:

o1. exchanged Xmas gifts

the gifts themselves are scattered about me room, but Rinny got me a Thranduil poster, a elk antler ring holder [are you trying to tell me something, sir?? :))))], Rocket Raccoon as a POP! figurine and passed on their Kili runestone to me. their mum also got me a bag and a few bracelets!! 😀

o2. played a SHIT TON of Fallout 4:


put Danse in a bathrobe, blew him up  and buried him in teddy bears

spawned a shitload of kitties and roaches:

we have video of Danse blowing up and the aftermath of spawning the roaches, but as they’re on Rinny’s personal Facebook, i cannot easily share them.

we watched the remaining episodes i had to watch of Rick & Morty and watched Battle of the Five Armies extended last night.

all in all it was a wonderful time and our next meetup is currently looking like March if the weather is nice to us.