First Snow 2016


it has literally felt like a million years that we waited for snow in my area of the East Coast. i remember when i was a kid we’d always wake up to a white Christmas and we’d have snow days left and right. but with global warming [and people still clamoring it doesn’t exist.] our snowstorms end up later and later and our hot weather times get HOT AS BALLS.

my kidney infection is doing loads better, don’t let today’s Daily Pawtograph fool you. that was taken while i was still incredibly sick and in fact they’re queued up until the 24th. i’m kinda glad i did that otherwise i would be super behind this week and well…the challenge would be failed. i’ve already failed Listers Gotta List so i figured well, i got somewhat of one week done, i’ll just wait until February and try again.

it’s going to be a bit busy this week, tomorrow i’m going for a MUCH NEEDED hair cut and food shopping. Thursday i’m supposed to be going to the dentist for a couple fillings but i may reschedule as i’m still on the Cipro and i don’t really know how that and novocaine will play together and i really don’t want to be risking that crap. i’m already working towards the mend here BUT ALSO, Thursday is the last day i’ll be taking Cipro and then loading up on probiotics for about a week or two. i’m already taking them since my doc said it’s okay to, but increase the dose a bit after the Cipro is over. kinda in a headspace where i just wanna go, get it over with and then don’t have to see them again til June. don’t get me wrong, they’re great people…i just….hate the dentist.

i may just end up going. we’ll see, i’ll have to ask when they call to confirm if it’s a good idea.